showing the difference between tanino and brazilian straightening

What Is The Difference Between Brazilian Smoothing And Tannin Smoothing?

Difference between Brazilian straightening and tannin straightening:

The differences between the two types of hair treatments are vast. Although both treatments use the same chemical formula, the main differences are in their application methods.

Brazilian straightening involves the application of a chemical treatment, while Tanin straightening requires the use of a nourishing conditioner.

This restructures and strengthens the hair fibers using a more organic approach.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of both treatments, they are faster and easier to perform.

Although both procedures are similar, the difference is apparent in the amount of time they take to complete.

Tannin straightening requires more time to complete than Brazilian hair straightening and the treatment takes between 5 and 6 months.

On the other hand, Brazilian straightened hair is easier to style and has less frizz.

Since both treatments use protein-based ingredients, there is no need to worry about humidity or weather conditions.

The most glaring difference between the two is that while Brazilian hair straightening has a higher price tag, tannin straightening is usually half the price.

In most cases, this lasts for six months, while the longer lasting option can last for more than six months.

Also, if you follow the care instructions carefully, the results will last longer.

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