How to do Botox treatment for hair at home?

How to do Botox treatment for hair at home?

How to do a Botox treatment for hair?

Hair Botox is the latest non-invasive restorative treatment formulated to restore vitality to hair damaged by chemical processes, straightening and blow-drying.

This effective treatment promises to make your dull, aging hair look young and healthy again.

The formula generates its rejuvenating power from a blend of powerful antioxidants, proteins and essential nutrients, including silk and wheat proteins, caviar oil, omega-3s, amino acids, a complex of collagen and vitamins B5.

Botox solution fills in cracks in the hair shaft to provide intensive hydration and replenish lost proteins. It also repairs split ends, reduces frizz and gives your hair a beautiful shine.

The treatment nourishes the strands from within and gives the hair a smoothing effect without stripping it of volume.

Botox treatment is suitable for all hair types, regardless of texture or condition. The total treatment time is about 1.5 hours, and the effects last for several weeks.

To get the desired results, it is advisable to consult an experienced professional who will give you a good start. It is advisable to continue to visit the salon until you are more familiar with the procedure.

It is possible to apply the treatment at home, but it is necessary to devote the necessary time to it. Please follow the instructions and get another pair of hands to help you if possible.

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