Does Tannin Smoothing Damage Hair?

Does Tannin Smoothing Damage Hair?

Does tannin straightening damage the hair?

Many people are skeptical about the effects of tannin straightening. While they have benefits for the health of your hair, they are not the best option for all hair types.

If you have dry, graying hair, tannic acid can help. This treatment will restructure the fiber and straighten it.

It will not damage your hair and the effects will last at least three months.

The tannin used in tanoplasty is made from an organic product. This substance is derived from tannins, a preservative found in the bark of oak and chestnut trees and in macerated grapes.

The substance has anti-oxidant properties and is safe for all hair types. Since it works from the inside out, it moisturizes and smoothes your hair without damaging it.

Moreover, it can give your tresses a natural look and can also make them silky and shiny.

As a result, the hair will be fuller and silkier. However, too many repeated treatments can damage the fiber of the strands.

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