How does a Tannin Smoothing Work ?

How does a Tannin Smoothing Work ?

How to use a tannin straightening:

Smoothing is a process used to create shiny, straight hair. This organic process replaces the use of toxic formaldehyde and uses tannic acid instead. Unlike Brazilian straightening, tannin does not affect the volume of your hair. It restructures the hair fibers as much as possible, keeping them healthy and straight.

In addition, this procedure does not cause any unwanted side effects and remains a better option than Brazilian straightening.

When used on the hair, tannin straightening regenerates the hair fibers and forms a protective layer on the scalp.

The straightening products contain polyphenols, which are extracted from grape skins, seeds and trees.

These straightening products are safe for all hair types and promise a smooth effect for three to six months.

These treatments are non-toxic and approved for use on children and even pregnant women.

A tannin straightener uses natural phenolic compounds found in the leaves of plants.

These substances bind to proteins to prevent breakage and keep hair from becoming brittle.

These ingredients are considered green products. This can also be done on babies.

If you are a pregnant woman or have children, this product is safe for you.

It is necessary to research allergic reactions, which cannot be known before.

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