Tanin Smoothing Before After

Tanin Smoothing Before After

Tannin smoothing before and after.
The term "tannin straightening" describes a type of hair care procedure. Although it looks like a Brazilian treatment, tannin straightening products are made entirely of natural elements. They do not contain chemical derivatives, formaldehyde or glyoxilic acid, and the only chemical component is tannin.

The natural elements in tannin straighteners do not envelop the hair fibers, but rather glide along the hair scales.

Tamarindus is an organic fruit found in South America. The tannins contained in the skin of this fruit are obtained through a process called maceration. Polyphenols have long been admired in natural medicine, and are slowly finding their way into the world of hair care. Polyphenols restructure and nourish the hair molecules, giving them strength and flexibility. This process also gives the hair shine.

Tannin-based hair straightening products are also known as tanino. The ingredients in tanino are acai, argan and hydrolyzed keratin. It is important to rinse the Tanino product after each use. Results should last between two and six months. Taninoplasty is an excellent way to prevent hair breakage after the application of harsh chemicals or straightening products.
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