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When To Wash The Hair After A Brazilian Straightening?

When to wash your hair after a Brazilian straightening?


You may be wondering when you can wash your hair after a Brazilian straightening. The procedure will leave your hair shiny and elegant, but it can also cause oily and heavy strands.

To avoid this, you should dry your hair well after a Brazilian straightening.

You can use clips immediately after the treatment, but you should avoid tying your hair up too tightly right afterwards, otherwise it will keep its shape as it is much more malleable.

After the treatment (and even during the treatment) you should use a thermal protector. It protects your hair from the heat and will make the straightening last longer.

You can use your usual conditioner to wash your hair.

After a Brazilian straightening, your hairdresser will apply a liquid keratin solution, including a conditioner. This allows the treatment to leave your hair shiny and smooth.

It has a distinct musty smell that is not pleasant at all, but this will disappear after a few days. Nevertheless, that musty scent will remain until your next shampoo, so don't worry! It's a temporary effect.

After Brazilian straightening, you should wash your hair with a mild shampoo. It is safest to use sulfate-free shampoos without sodium chloride.

Natural and organic shampoos are also safer. If you are concerned about cost, choose natural or organic shampoos. Your hair will remain smooth and silky after the procedure.

If you are unsure, talk to your hairdresser.

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